Taco Chops is a one of a kind taco restaurant owned by the (3) Thomas brothers working and living the dream by working together and having fun while doing it.

We believe in providing great food, great service and a great experience.  We grew up in Mexico and have lived all over and our love for tacos has never diminished. We decided to create something different, which is a taco that has the spirit of a real Mexican street taco, using chopped meats and then we added some of our own flair with traditional and non-traditional toppings.

We are not your average Mexican Restaurant or Authentic Mexican joint...we are "different" and have added a little Pacific Coast flair and a big Tex-Mex experience.

We proudly "don't" serve hard shell tacos or ground beef!  Every quality product we offer is what we love to eat and serve to our cherished guest. 

TacoChops ...it's different

Eat (3) tacos!


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